15 beautiful Taiwan gifts for friends and families


Made in Taiwan are three words that people across the globe have come across quite often in their lifetime. From laptops to bicycles, Taiwan is famed for producing a wide variety of high-quality products. But aside from the electronics and two-wheeled transport, what kind of gift-worthy items can be found on the island also known as Formosa?

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The Food of Taiwan cookbook

Taiwan is a nation of food lovers, and the local cuisine is one of its main tourist attractions. So what better way to send a slice of Taiwan home than with a cookbook of local recipes.

A jade carving

Jade is a massive part of Taiwanese culture with many locals wearing bracelets and necklaces. For something extra special try a beautifully carved piece from the range available at the Taiwan National and Cultural Creative Gift Centre.

Pineapple cake

One of Taiwan’s favorite snacks is the pineapple cake, and Sunny Hills are often considered the best of the best. Not many make it out of the country, though; they’re just far too delicious to share.

Lilla Fé Beauty products

Lilla Fé is a Taiwanese beauty brand that has an interesting take on perfume sticks, lip balms, and soaps. Ever try a root beer lip balm or a guava soap? This unusual approach to their scented range makes them one of the standout brands in Taiwan at the moment.

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Fine tea leaves

Tea is big business in Taiwan, and a box of the right tea leaves will make any tea lover’s day. Ten Ren Tea is one of the island’s biggest chains of tea shops, and each store has a great range of leaves in-house.


Another local treat that is incredibly popular as a souvenir item, mochi are small chewy balls of glutinous rice that contain a wide variety of fillings. Tzen Chi Mochi is the most famous local maker and definitely the one to look out for.

A Taiwan Typography Map

This beautiful map is created using the Mandarin names of the most popular places in Taiwan. It’s an incredibly unique gift, and it’s printed on recycled paper too.

Bamboo plates

Why use paper or plastic plates for a party when Tzulai are selling wonderful stackable bamboo plates in a variety of colors. These are just perfect for those friends that love to barbecue.

Handcrafted ceramics

South African De Waal Immelman (who goes by the Chinese moniker of 紅鬍子 meaning Red Beard) creates high-quality one-of-a-kind ceramics in his mountain studio in New Taipei City. His tea bowls, vases, bottles, and serving bowls are all individually designed and are the ideal homeware gift with a special significance for a family member. Check out his Etsy store.

Din Tai Fung Stainless steel chopsticks

The now world famous Din Tai Fung sells some great stuff in the gift sets section of their online store, but it’s the stainless steel chopsticks that will make an ideal gift for Asian cuisine lovers.

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A bottle of Kavalan Whisky

This Yilan distillery began operating 2005 and has become a player on the international stage in the years since. Any whisky aficionado will appreciate the Kavalan gift box complete with a miniature sampler of a second blend.

Wind up music box

Wooderful is a Taiwanese brand that is bringing life back into this traditional toy genre and doing so in style. There are many wonderful options, and most are available in any Eslite store.

A pair of Sweet Villians

This chic Taiwanese shoe brand creates incredibly stylish shoes that are built to last forever. From violet to toad green, there’s a color and style to suit anyone.

A piece of local art

There are many talented local artists selling their works in a variety of galleries throughout the country, but a more affordable option is the art section on the Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Centre website.

A piece of Liu Li Gong Fang glass

The most famous glass art company in Taiwan has 70 galleries around the world, but it was here in Danshui that it sold its first piece of glass art. Liu Li Gong Fang’s stunning creations are special gifts that will last a lifetime.

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